3 Easy Steps To Improve Your Customer Experience

Do you believe your company is providing a great customer experience to your customers?

If you do, congratulations! And if you are part of a large company, I’ll pay you a beer, that’s huge news!

Apparently, most large companies don’t. A recent survey from Temkin group states that only 11 % of large enterprises have a high CX maturity level when analysing their customer strategies, processes and results.


Yes, companies got a lot better during the last few years when collecting customer feedback. Actually, 67% of large companies claim they are good at it. The problem is that only 26 % of those think they are good about making changes based on those insights.

There is a lot of room to improve but the question is HOW?

You don’t need to design very complicated strategies to be able to make a significant improvement. Let me share with you three basic steps you can make to immediately increase your CX:

  1. Hire for personality: is very simple. If you put the wrong personality in front of a customer, your customer experience strategy will fail. There are many ways of testing personalities. The Big five traits theory suggests five broad dimensions: openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. Analyse their personality and look for people who falls into more customer facing categories. Not everyone has the talent to be a developer or an engineer, same goes for candidates with “people talent”. Not everyone has the ability to connect with customers easily, build rapport quickly and establish a trust-based relationship with them. Find an open person, flexible to adapt to changes, willing to help others and you will have a great customer success manager.
  2. Listen to your customers: surveys are ok. Sometimes, if you are very good on how you deal with them, they can be very valuable. But there are other ways to ask for feedback and learn from it. It all starts with your conversations. Are you asking for feedback about your product, your service, you, in every conversation you have with a customer? Are you taking notes and making sure this feedback is shared with the right people in your organisation? Do you follow up with actions on those insights?
  3. Deliver the unexpected: the only way you can really make the difference is by delivering something your customers don’t expect. Everyone is working on improving what they do and how do the offer it, your competitors too. Be innovative. Sometimes you can do something that doesn’t have to do anything with your industry or business at all. Something your customers will like. That’s what they will remember.

In the next three blogs I will go more on detail about those three steps. Stay tuned at www.myfdbk.com, this is coming very soon.


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