3 Reasons Why Happy Employees = Happy Customers?

2016. More and more companies nowadays are using the term “Customer Centric”. Many claim to “put the customer first” in all their activities. Some say they “listen to customers”. This is good news, even if there is still a lot to do to make that happen and to have more organisations that actually do what they claim they do.

Starting the wrong way

The problem occurs when some of the companies that have the great intention to serve customers better, to implement customer satisfaction programs, NPS surveys, etc; start the wrong way: just thinking about their customers, putting the customer first.

“Customers do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”  (Richard Branson)

Why employees should come first?

Not that long ago, I remember a time where I was at a Customer Experience conference somewhere in Europe. I was attending to a presentation from the VP of customer care at a Orange, the telecom company, when he basically stated the following:

“We want to hire the cheapest people to work at a contact centre facing the customers. We want to pay them the worst salaries in the company and we still expect that they provide a great customer experience to our clients”

That sentence stuck in my mind and made me realise that this should be the first step to take when considering having a customer centric strategy.


  • Reason#1 – Consumers perception of happiness

Employees that interact with cusotmers transfer their emotions through those interactions, and customers perceive and are influenced by them.

In a study conducted by liveops, 92% of consumers reported that an employee’s perceived happiness had a direct impact on their customer experience with the brand.

  • Reason #2 – Productivity and performance

Happy employees are 12% more productive. And they are twice as likely to be top performers (Watson Wyatt report). This means that they will get more work done and they will do it better, which at the end, will impact your customer base and your revenues.

  • Reason #3 – Scalability 

Engaged motivated employees will create a happier workplace, influence other to work better and remain with a company longer. Companies with happier employees will perform better than its competitors by 20%. More happy employees = more happy customers = more revenue.

Bonus track

  • Happy sales people produce 37% greater sales.
  • Happy employees would give up a bit of their salary to be happier at work.
  • People with good relationships at work will be 7x more likely to fully engage with their work.
  • Happy employees take 10x fewer sick days than unhappy employees.
  • Companies in the Top 100 best places to work list had a 14% increase in their stock price compared to 6% for the overall market.
  • 7 out of 10 consumers will spend more money with a company that provides top quality customer experience.
  • etc…


If you are planning to build a customer experience strategy, do firsts things first. Have a look at your employees and improve how they work and how happy they are with their job. Then you will start the right way.


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