Meet Jordy. His Secret? Unlimited Power To Deliver Excellent Customer Experiences

Jordy is a 24 year old guy who now lives in the historic city of Arnhem in The Netherlands, place that became well known because of the battle of Arnhem, major fight between British and Germans that happened around that place during the World War II.

Born and raised in The Netherlands, Jordy’s first ambition was to be an English teacher. Reasons behind were his passion for Shakespeare’s language and his willingness to help others. But he failed on his first attempt; so he decided to make a switch into International Communication studies which he would complete successfully.
With a great learning experience in his backpack living and studying abroad both in Madrid and Glasgow for some months, he started to look for a job after his graduation and finally joined T-mobile as Internet Contact Specialist 8 months ago.

What does an Internet Contact Specialist do?

Well, it sounds fancy right? Internet Contact Specialist. If you would hear that and you are not familiar with contact centre environments, you may think that he is that guy in a room full of cables making sure all of them are plugged so T-mobile customers do have internet. That’s not the case 😊 If you know a little bit about how telecom companies work, you probably think he is the guy helping customers using internet channels such as social media or webchat.
So, I asked Jordy about what Internet Contact Specialist means and this was his response:

“I make sure the Voice of the Customer is heard within the organization”.

Wow! That’s a great answer! And a big challenge as well; but I wish more people working at companies in customer service departments would answer the same way to that question. This would mean those companies were doing a good job when giving direction and establishing priorities to their employees when interacting with customers.

How did I meet Jordy?

He helped me. I was a private T-mobile customer transitioning to a business contract. There was an issue so my new Sim card didn’t work. I don’t like to call a contact centre (who does nowadays?) so I tried to get in touch with their customer care department via chat, Twitter and Facebook. Have you ever heard about omnichannel? That’s basically delivering the same experience to customers no matter what channel of communication they use with your company.

My preference is always chat. I believe it is a great channel to get help, cost effective for the organization and one that can provide a great experience to customers if it is used well. I have to say that my experience with their chat channel wasn’t great, but Jordy’s work doing his best and being super responsive in order to help made me not only forget about that first interaction using chat; but also write this article about my positive experience with him.

He helped me indeed. He fixed my problem but not only that, his communication skills were excellent and he always made me feel he was going to solve my issue no matter what. He was committed to it.


No robots but people

After fixing my issue I told Jordy about my passion for customer experience and my articles and he was happy for me to write one about my experience dealing with him. So we met for lunch and had a nice chat. No webchat this time 😊

In my conversation with Jordy, he said his ultimate goal is to help customers as much as he can, as fast as he can. He would do his best to help and as he mentioned, he wants to make sure customers feel they are talking to a person and not to a robot. Why is that? Because no matter what kind of technology is out there, people still prefer to have the human touch when they have a problem they need help with.

Focus on people

After talking with Jordy, it was obvious to me that he is the kind of person that like to help others. T-mobile did a good job, not only by recruiting him but also it clearly shows the company is doing great transmitting their people focus mentality and philosophy to their employees, aiming to be a customer centric organization. As Jordy said, he becomes happy when he makes a customer happy. This clearly reminds me my article about happy employees = happy customers. In this case, it seems that making customers happy also makes employees to feel the same way.

His secret weapon for customer experience

Jordy knows very well what he needs to do when interacting with customers, and that’s his secret weapon to be a customer experience Rockstar:

  • Focus on the customer.
  • Make them feel they talk to a person.
  • Do everything you can to solve the problem or to help.
  • Get feedback from customers and share it internally with the relevant people for continuous improvement of the organization.
  • Be up to date with all information regarding new product launches.
  • Prioritise problems in terms of urgency.
  • Be nice, communicate well and be responsive.
  • Involve other people when needed to solve the issue.

What’s next for Jordy?

He is been working as an Internet Contact Specialist for 8 months and he loves it. Of course, he would like to keep learning and developing his skills. Grow in his career.
So I asked him what do you want to do next? His answer again wowed (does this word exist?) me: I would like to be a Customer Voice Expert.

Not sure if that’s a role that currently exists at T-mobile, but if not they should create it for Jordy to be able to help them in that customer centric transformation. I trust he will be very successful at anything he wants to do, especially where he can put his attitude and his skills in the right place to keep helping others.

Did you know that Jordy also volunteered at a Digestive Disease Foundation in his free time, helping people with digestive problems have a better life. But of course, by know I guess you aren’t surprised at all about it. 😊


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