Never Thought I Would HaveThis Great Customer Experience From A Construction Company

Did you ever had your neighbours making a renovation or building something at their place for a couple of months? How did you feel about it? All that noise at 7 am on a Saturday. Dirtiness.  That container in front of your house full of broken stuff. Dust.

Do you live in a city where every week a different street is closed because they are doing something on it? Creating traffic jams, having to make more kms to make it to your place?

The Hague is that city. The good news is that you clearly see where the money you pay in your taxes goes. They are always improving streets, drain infrastructure, sidewalks, bike lanes… There is always something going on and for some people can be quite annoying. But there isn’t much you can do about it, you just need to keep going and try to ignore it.

Recently, there was a massive renovation of the underground infrastructure of one of the main roads that people use to leave or get to the city. If you are curious about it, that street is called Raamweg. That’s one of those streets that you never want to touch, because you know if you close it to traffic, it will create a mess for many, many people. And they won’t be happy. Well, they had to do it and it wasn’t an easy task.

For some months, they cut that road in pieces and did an impressive engineering work. I had also some troubles on my way to the office by bike as I need to cross it. Also, from where I live, you use that one to go to places like Amstedam or Utrecht by car.

When you do this kind of construction work, you generate some noise. It is inevitable. That’s how it works. For months, there was an uncomfortable situation for many. To be honest, we didn’t hear anything in our office, it was just a couple of street away from the main street. Finally, they completed the work and it is finally open, so everyone is happy about it.

My surprise was this morning when I get to the office and I found this:


Who doesn’t love chocolate? But let’s have a look, let’s zoom in. There is one note there that says the following:

You don’t speak Dutch? Really? Ok, ok, I’ll help you out. Basically, this present is coming from the construction company doing that project with a note saying that they wanted to give us chocolates as they realise it has been a couple of months of noise and annoyance because of the work they had to do, and that could have disturbed the work I needed to do.

Impressive. We have three floors in the building and they left one per floor. Did you ever had this experience? I didn’t.

What does this mean

We love this company. We didn’t know them, we may not need their services right now, or we never will. But we really like them.

I am writing this article talking about it. Some of my colleagues may have posted something on Facebook or LinkedIn about it. And you know what? Although we weren’t the only ones they brought this present to, we feel like that’s the case. We feel they thought of us, we feel special.

Little things can make big impact. When I look at this company, Dura Vermeer I know this guys will achieve anything they would like to. This little action uncovers a strategy behind that will lead to make successes for the company in the future. They might have spent some euros in chocolate, but I am sure some of us will think of them when the need comes in the future.

What do you think about it? Did you ever experienced something like this? Please leave your comments with your examples below.


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