My Feedback is a consulting company based in The Netherlands, specialised in advising startups and SMB’s about transforming their companies into customer focused organisations delivering excellent experiences to their customers. Alberto is the person behind My Feedback. With more than 15 years of experience consulting in sales, business development and holding management roles at startup companies, Alberto has gained a strong knowledge in understanding customer needs, behaviors and motivations from a holistic view of the customer journey.

Many companies think that Customer Experience is something related to Customer Service or Support only, about how you serve and assist your customers when they have questions or problems with your product or service. At My Feedback, we believe that Customer Experience starts even before your customers become customers. Everything you do from targeting prospects, initial interactions, sales process, account management and of course customer service; bulds up your Customer Experience.

Why My Feedback?

“Feedback is the most important source of information we have to help us make the right decisions, but it is also the one companies forget to use the most”

Fortunately, there are more companies everyday asking their customers for feedback about their product or services. The problem is that most of them, don’t use that feedback in the right way to improve their customer experience, or even worse, they don’t use it at all.

My Feedback created the FeedbackFirst© methodology that breaks with the traditional way of doing business, starting with getting the right information first in order to make the best decisions and improve the business results, customer satisfaction and NPS.

With an extensive experience building sales teams and implementing Customer Experience programs, My Feedback offers advice to our customers to transform their business into a customer focused organisation while maximising their productivity and results.

We can do a lot for you and your business and you are just one step away.